Mental Health Risk Assessment

Mental Strain
Today’s working environment is characterized by ever increasing complexity, flexibility and information density. More tasks need to be completed more quickly than ever before. As an obvious consequence, mental anomalies lead to reduced work-ability and absence. Moreover, even physical phenomena like cardiovascular or gastroenterological deficiencies are caused by stress or intense demands.

Legal Requirement
The Labor Protection Act („Arbeitsschutzgesetz“) demands execution of a mental health risk assessment, incorporating factors like mental demands and practical measures for the protection of employees. DIN EN ISO 175000 defines „mental strain“ as the entirety of all external influences on humans which impact their mental being (ie pressure of time, noise, contradicting tasks at work), while „demands“ go as the immediate impact of the mentioned strains within the individual (ie stress, burn-out).

Mental Health Risk Assessment
The Mental Health Risk Assessment offered by HealthVision® consists of two elements: a questionnaire-screening on subjectively perceived strain and demands and corresponding workshops to analyse these demands and to define tailored practical measures. Herein, we don’t only look at risks, but also at health fostering aspects.