The Health Overview

The Data Problem
The health overview offers guidance for planning health management. Until now the data has been mostly scattered across different sources, making it hard even for experts to get an overview.

Integrated Solutions
HealthVision and da:nova have developed a tool to bring a "method to the madness" of the wide variety of data. This tool combines the following into one instrument: the age structure analysis, absence analysis, short employee survey on work-related health, estimated loss of productivity through presenteeism, and an assessment of requirements and activities for health management.

A Prognosis from Hard Facts
We skillfully combine hard data (e.g., absenteeism) with soft data (e.g., subjective work-related health) in order to arrive at prognoses for possible developments. The internet-based tool reveals areas where action needs to be taken and allows you to draw conclusions about measures, goals and areas of focus.


The Health Overview: The 5 years perspective.