Health Survey

It all started with a comprehensive research instrument that scientists under the leadership of Prof. Fischer at ETH Zurich put together from the best academically approved surveys on health and work. Step-by-step, the short survey and the health survey emerged from this instrument.

Short Survey on work-related Health
We originally developed the short survey on work-related health for the Otto Corporation. It contains 32 questions from which 10 scales can be calculated. It can be filled out online or on paper in just a few minutes.

Modular Health Survey
The detailed health survey is built on a modular basis. It determines subjective health based on exhaustion, complaints, sleep, health behaviors, personal stress, and resources. It contains comprehensive scales for the subjective assessment of resources and demands at work, scales for health expectations, presenteeism and the ability to work as well as an optional module for open questions. The health survey allows for a department-specific risk analysis.


The health questionnaire provides a department-specific risk assessment.