Health Check-up

The Holistic Check-up
The health check-up links our detailed survey with a modular medical and biological (stress-focused) check-up. It integrates telemedical processes for measuring autonomic balance.

The Variables
The variables include the established risk factors from physical examinations and blood, urine and stool samples. In addition, we offer innovative laboratory parameters and supplemental biological examinations such as a heart rate variability analysis based on long-term recordings or a comprehensive preventive eye fundus screening.

High Participation Rates
Our close-to-you, “on location” setup minimizes cancellations and lowers the barriers to participation. Participation rates have amounted to 72% of the workforce. High data protection standards ensure fully anonymized participation.

The Reports
Each participant receives a detailed, easy to comprehend health report of up to 28 pages. The company receives an anonymized analysis of the data.


Photography of the fundus of the eye with findings from the examination.