The Employee Health Support Programm (EHSP)

Our EHSP is an online-based program for employees targeting and supporting consciousness regarding individual and corporate health. The program’s goal is to partner and accompany employee and corporation on their way to better health and competitiveness.


  • Comprehensive online questionnaire
  • Individual Health Report (on State of Health, Ressources, Demands)
  • Individual telephone coaching
  • Long term supervision of employees via online-platform with password-secured, personal login („moove“-portal)
  • Company Report (Results of questionnaire in aggregated anonymized form including recommendations to deveolop a healthy performance and organizational culture)

How old are you today?
The „How old are you today“-index was invented to create a momentary snapshot of the personal health-status. The implications of several factors are evaluated in relation to the ageing process. Evident physical facts and „soft parameters (ie perception of corporate culture) are put into perspective and constitute the actual age estimate.

We offer the EHSP in conjunction with our partner Vitaliberty GmbH in Mannheim.


Claudia (36): Today 46!